Monologue Monday: Let It Go

Life can be pretty tough sometimes. From time to time, we all experience our share of heartaches and struggles, but they don’t have to control our lives or get the best of us. You can overcome any adversity that you have been faced with as long as you don’t give up.

It’s ok for you to be happy and enjoy your life. It’s actually essential. Doing anything else would be like an insult to all those who didn’t wake up this morning and would do anything for a second chance at life. As long as you have a heartbeat, you still have an opportunity to make the most of your circumstances.
Try not to allow yourself to become jaded because of your past hurts and pains. The past is not an indication of your future; it’s just a season that you had to go through to get you where you needed to be.
If people have wronged you, let it go. If your ex mistreated you or didn’t recognize your value, let him go and see yourself for who you are. If someone told you that you weren’t good enough, or that you couldn’t do this or that, ignore them and see the potential that dwells within you. If your struggles have destroyed your hope, let it go and start believing again.
There are good things in store for you.
Just because things in your past may have impacted you in drastic or life changing ways, doesn’t mean that you have to become a hopeless, pessimistic person.
Let go of the past, start dreaming again, and believe good things about yourself and your future. You are only as good as the thoughts that you believe about yourself and your circumstances.
When you start to reminisce over past wounds or begin feeling like you aren’t good enough, shift your thinking and remind yourself that your past isn’t an indication of your future; it was just a season that you had to go through…then keep moving ©

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