Monologue Monday: Why Am I Still Single?!?!?

***Side note*** Last Friday I was telling you all how excited I was about the post below. I was so pumped about it and just so ready to share it with ya’ll that I almost posted it then. Instead of posting it though, I just decided to tell ya’ll about it here. From that post, I was contacted by AaronRose24 saying that he had recently done a post about being single too. I was so curious that I immediately stopped everything that I was doing, jumped on my laptop and searched for the video that he was talking about. As I watched it, my stomach dropped L. We were saying a couple of the same things (but some things were different), but still I definitely didn’t want to seem like I was reiterating his work because I respect the stuff that other people do (even though I had never seen the video before now). So, what’s a girl to do?!?!? I sent him a message, realized the below post is just me being true to who I am and decided not to change a thing about it, and then I reminded myself how excited I was before I saw his video. That said, I’m posting what God put on my heart to post. (You can find Aaron’s video here if you are interested). Just wanted to let ya’ll know what went down and how I almost didn’t post this, but it just really spoke to me so I had to. Check it out and leave a comment below to let me know what you think about the topic or if you can relate.*****

Monologue Monday: Why Am I Still Single?!?!?
She’s so perfect! She has it all together They make such a great couple! OMG…Did you hear??? So and so got engaged Why does everything always work out for her? Always a bridesmaid…never a bride Why am I still single?!?!

Have any of these thoughts ever crossed your mind?
We are very open with each other around here, so I have no problem admitting that there have been points in my life where I was just a mess and I was wondering why me? I’m seemingly doing all the right things, I’m saving myself for marriage and trying to be a respectable young lady…blah, blah, blah (and I’m not mocking anybody who is currently feeling this way, because I can relate- these were my exact words and sentiments).
But the honest truth is that I’m happy that it wasn’t me (then). First off, I’m not the jealous or envious type of girl, and even those rare moments that it tries to rear its ugly head, I cut it off at the root quickly and don’t allow myself to entertain those type of thoughts… so that wasn’t it. (I love telling myself to get it together!)
I get really excited for other people when they are happy or are doing really well in their lives. It’s cool to see other people living their dreams and enjoying life….you only live once.
Just because someone else is doing really well should have no bearings on your own happiness, so we have to learn to rejoice with other people when they are rejoicing…your time is coming and it’s going to be just for you.
But no, that wasn’t my problem. My problem was me allowing my mind to wonder ‘if I am doing everything that I’m supposed to be doing, why isn’t this happening for me? I’m attractive, fun and exciting (and I genuinely say that humbly…I’m just sharing the thoughts that were going through my head at the time J), and I want to be in a relationship and I want to share my life with someone, so why hasn’t it happened for me?’
Ya’ll, everything happens for a reason.
The truth is that I am SO grateful that it didn’t happen when I wanted it to happen. I became so engrossed in feeling sorry for myself and allowed my emotions to wreak havoc on me that I forgot about a huge part of that equation: ME.
Being single is NOT a curse.
It is during this time that you get to focus on yourself and on making you a better person. Get to know yourself and do something to make a difference in somebody else’s life. Stop thinking ‘why me’ (like it’s a sickness or an illness) and start living your dreams.
Find out who you are. When the time comes, not only will you be ready and a real treasure to whoever wins your heart, but you will love yourself and will have gotten the opportunity to do the things that you wanted to do in the process.
Try to remember that once you become a team with someone else, it’s no longer just about you but now you have to consider the other person and their desires as well. So PLEASE, take full advantage of this time to focus solely on you!
As for myself, even though every once in while the thought does cross my mind of wondering when, I just take that thought, place it back in God’s hands, and keep doing me. He knows what He’s doing and His timing is perfect.
That said, I do silently whisper to Him from time to time ‘Lord, please don’t let me be a thirty year old virgin’! Haha, lol J. (Not saying that there is anything wrong with that at all for those of you who are still out there, keep up the amazing work, I’m just saying that I pray that that’s not a part of the plan for me). Nevertheless, if it is, I will do so proudly and confidently…..
I’m starting to ramble now, but the point of this post is just to say do you and do you confidently. Don’t confine yourself to man’s timetable for when things should be done in your life.
Focus on being the best you that you can be and the guy will come along, just don’t think about it so much. In due time, God will give you the desires of your heart and if you remain patient, I can almost promise you that it will have been worth the wait.
And trust me, I can tell you all these things because I am in the same boat as you. Honestly, I am happy that I’m still single at the moment and that I haven’t committed myself to a relationship, because when it does happen hopefully I can take you along for the journey and you can see just how faithful God is.
Just sit back, relax and enjoy this beautiful ride.
The next time that a friend tells you that she’s met this great guy, or that she’s engaged, or getting married, rejoice with her (and really mean it). Your time is coming sooner than you think. Enjoy your life where it is right now though first.
In short, just love yourself and everything else will fall into place.

-Virgin Monologuez



What’s Next???

Ya’ll, I am so excited! I just finished writing the post for Monologue Monday and it is good! While I was writing it I was ministering to myself and thinking ‘this is SOOO GOOD’. (And I don’t say that arrogantly because apart from God I am a complete mess, for real! It’s when I get silent and get out a pen and paper- or in this case my laptop- that things really begin to just flow for me).God really is so amazing!
But I just got all excited and pumped up that I had to come tell somebody about it… I would scream if I didn't think that I would be disturbing the people around me....I feel like I can take on the world! I bet you are wondering what did you write that makes you feel like that?!?! (LOL, I know I would be J).
Anyway though, I hope ya’ll are having a great day and that you have a safe weekend. I’ll be back on Monday with the post that I was talking about. It’s called: MonologueMonday: Why Am I Still Single?!?!?
You don’t want to miss it, but in the meantime live life to the fullest and make the most out of every opportunity.
Talk to ya’ll later,

-Virgin Monologuez


Thank You AaronRose24

So I recently just logged into my email and saw all of these comments in my inbox, and found out that YouTube’s AaronRose24 did a video response to a post I wrote about  Datingvs. Courting.
You can check out his video response here, but I just wanted to take a minute to say a quick thank you to him and to you all for commenting and sharing your perspective on the matter. It really is such a humbling feeling when others take the time to comment or share with their friends about something that you wrote or created, so thank you Aaron and everyone else for your support and comments.
Ya’ll almost made me tear up lol J With all sincerity, thank you.
-Virgin Monologuez


Will He Still Like Me?


If a guy is truly interested in you as a person, and genuinely wants to know who you are and what you stand for, he will still like you if you wait.
It’s so interesting to me to hear some of the comments of other people. Not in a judgmental kind of way, but in a ‘if you really knew your worth your mindset would be different,’ kind of way.
Even though I love our society and each day that I wake up is a day that I am excited to live and just experience life and learn as much as possible, I think that one of the negative consequences of living in such a “modern” culture is that we tend to abandon most of the more traditional ideologies and principles that our parents and the generations before us held.
For instance, some women hear the word submissive and are automatically defensive whereas this was a standard way of life for so many previous generations. Now a guy can call a girl out of her name and in some relationships it be considered a term of endearment versus being what it really is: disrespectful. Or how now in modern society we see sex or overtly sexual images being displayed on regular tv shows, and instead of it being rated R and being restricted for younger viewing audiences, it is labeled pg or pg13.
Why does all of that matter? Because it impacts us in one manner or another… Whether positively or negatively, what we see or what we do impacts not just us but the generation after us.
The young girl who has watched physically intimate scenes on her tv screen day in and day out is going to think that its completely normal and acceptable for her to do the same thing. Depending on her age and maturity level, she is not going to comprehend everything that she is seeing. She is just going to see something happening and think that it’s ok for people to do it.
The young guy who sees an entertainer that he looks up to calling another female an expletive and then that female turning and smiling at him, is going to interpret that scene as it being normal or acceptable for a female to be treated that way.
In short, what we allow is what will happen.
If you have the mentality that a guy will only be interested in you if you sleep with him or if you do things with him that you aren’t necessarily ready for, then those are the situations that you are going to attract.
If you think that it’s acceptable for a guy to mistreat you because he was raised with difficult upbringings and you feel sorry for him, but he continues to treat you wrong and you can’t understand why…especially when you love him so much….then he is going to continue on mistreating you.
As long as you allow someone’s behavior, they are going to continue to do it.
In terms of courting and dating, if a guy really cares about who you are, then he is going to be interested in you. It is when you allow those negative thoughts to creep into your mind that you have to sleep with someone in order for them to be interested in you, or that you have to act a certain way (contrary to who you are) just to keep a guy, that you are setting yourself up for heartache and pain and that the cycle continues.
Raise your standards and expect greatness.
Would you rather have the guy who is interested in you because you temporarily pleased him physically, or would you rather have the guy who says ‘This woman is amazing….I have seen her at her best and her worse and I still want to make this work with her. Regardless of what I go through in life, as long as she is standing by my side, I know that we can work through anything together’.
One guy wants you for your body or what you can offer him, and the other wants you for your character and person.
It really boils down to not being a matter of ‘will he still like me if I wait’ or ‘can we court instead of date’, but more so it’s a matter of ‘I know my worth and if you acknowledge that I am worth waiting for and if we walk down this road together respecting each other, then I promise to cherish you and treat you as the king that you are’.
Don’t settle for less than what you deserve. If you aren’t ready to do it then don’t. If you want to court and not date then wait for that guy who will respect those principles.  He will be the one that is worth your time and attention….not those other counterfeits.

-Virgin Monologuez

P.S. Happy Monday J Hope you all have an incredible week!


Don’t Be Silent

I have done things in my past that I’m not proud about. There have been some situations and circumstances that I have willingly allowed myself to be a part of, and for that I have been wrong. As a result of the consequences of my actions, I have had to endure some pain and heartache. In short, I am not perfect nor do I pretend to be.

I think our current society is one such that image and perception is everything, and because we have allowed our truth (and the truths of those around about us) to be fabricated or altered in such a manner that it only presents us in the best possible light, now our peers and younger generation are suffering from these ‘altered truths’ that we have feed them and allowed them to believe.
Reality tv that has been scripted and now only bears a semblance of the truth, has become a fact and a way of life now.
No one wants to be real anymore and share their struggles and hardships at risk of making their own lives seem imperfect or themselves seem inadequate.
We are breeding a generation of young ladies who think that airbrushed images and attention seeking relationships are the ‘it’ items to have. Instead of wondering how they can help to feed the poor or visit the elderly, they are wondering how to up their social media statuses or to gain more attention and recognition.
It has become less about making a difference or impacting the lives around about them, and more about ‘me’.
We as a people are responsible for this sad and unfortunate phenomenon that we are contributing to and allowing to continue.
Although difficult and sometimes hurtful, and possible even embarrassing, we must begin to tell our stories and be open and truthful about our experiences.
This doesn’t mean that you have to go out telling your business for the world to hear and judge, but at least refuse to be silent any longer while watching as someone else destroys their life because they were following in your footsteps but only saw half of the picture.
If they knew your real story and the journey behind how you got to where you are today, would they still be imitating your actions or trying to follow you?
Don’t take your position lightly. You were chosen for a reason… make a positive difference in someone else’s life today.


Monologue Monday: Dating vs. Courting

Ok, so I have been putting off this subject for a while now. A few months back I talked about writing a post on the topic, but always just shied away from it. Then recently I started getting several emails from teens and some young ladies asking when I was going to create the post, and so I decided that now was the time.

On the one hand, I am more than eager to share my beliefs and opinions on the matter…But on the other hand, I realize that they are just that: my opinions.
Which is the reason why I was hesitant….I am a strong believer in staying true to yourself and being you even if no one else gets you, but I also realize that what I write is being posted in a public domain and therefore I hold myself accountable for the things that I write for other people to read.
While some people may be reading this just because, others are really curious about dating, waiting, sex, and all things in between. I don’t want to lead someone in the wrong direction because I have spoken out of turn or incorrectly.
That said, as you read below please keep in mind that I am coming at this from a personal perspective as well as having done research on the topic to gain more insight on the matter.
So here is my take on courting and dating. If after reading this you are still trying to figure out what’s right for you and you still want to know more, I suggest you do some research, seek the advice of mentors and adults that you trust, or go and talk with a pastor or counselor.

Courting vs. Dating

Courting: To seek to win a pledge of marriage from « To try to gain the love or affections of « To engage in social activities leading to engagement and marriage. (Webster)

Characteristics of courting:
·       You have the opportunity to develop a deeper relationship with someone and truly get to know who they are and what they stand for.
·       Because sex is not a part of courting, you have a greater sense of security and confidence in the special bond that you two share. (You know that the other person really likes you for you and not because of a physical relationship that the two of you could be partaking in).
·       There is a clear direction for where the relationship is headed.
·       Usually you meet in group settings or public places, cutting down on the temptations that being alone in a more intimate setting may evoke.
·       You generally have peace of mind. There are no mind games or manipulation with courting; the other person genuinely has your best interest at heart.

Dating: A social engagement between two people that often has a romantic character « To go out socially with another person, often out of romantic interest « Two people with the aim of each assessing the other's suitability as a partner in an intimate relationship. (Webster/Wikipedia)

Characteristics of dating:
·       Typically there is some type of expectation of physical intimacy (of some sorts) in the near future. (I’m not saying that this happens in all relationships or that the physical intimacy is always sex, but it does happen in many relationships and it is sex more often than not).
·       You are encouraged to be alone in more intimate settings.
·       There is not always a commitment beyond the next date, therefore potentially encouraging insecurity, low self esteem, and the fear of being alone or of abandonment.
·       You have potentially shared yourself with multiple people who were undeserving of you.
·        In essence, you are practicing for divorce because you are allowing yourself to jump from one person to the next with no true commitment to the other individual. There is always the promise of someone “better” coming along …if it doesn’t work out, you can always find someone else.
·        Rejection becomes a reality.
·        It allows for self-satisfaction apart from the responsibilities of marriage.
Many people when they think of courting, they think of an old-fashioned term that seems more like an arranged marriage or a highly structured activity than a plausible way of life for themselves. The thought of dating someone with no rules and possibly even no strings attached is thus much more alluring and exciting for some.
The truth is that both of these notions are incorrect. Courting is not an outdated idea but really it is the type of relationship that one should strive for if they are serious about being in a relationship and getting to know someone more. Likewise, dating is not always as exciting as it sounds.
In most settings, dating is something that is done one on one; creating a sense of familiarity and casualness at a much faster pace than courting might. As a result of the intimacy and ease that is often times associated with dating someone, a person could be in a relationship with their significant other for an extended period of time without actually truly knowing who the person is or what they stand for. In most cases this is because dating provides the opportunity to be physical with one another (prompting a false sense of security and awareness of who the other person is), before actually knowing who he is or if he is even committed to you.
That said, dating doesn’t always mean a physical relationship. It does however provide more opportunity for intimacy and promiscuity to occur.
Furthermore, dating has the potential to lead to a lot of heartbreak and disappointment. Often times people get in relationships with their significant other with no regards for the future or what kind of traits they desire in their future spouse. Because they haven’t really thought about what they want their future to look like, (or just don’t want to be alone so they go along with the flow and remain in a dating relationship because its familiar and comfortable), they are creating a lot of unnecessary problems for themselves.
When someone has no intentions of being apart of your future and you yourself can’t imagine yourself spending the rest of your life with that individual, then there comes a point where you have to ask yourself ‘what am I doing?’
Why waste time being with someone that you know you could never commit to being with forever?
At that point though, if you have already engaged in a physical relationship with the other person, then not only have you given them a piece of you that you shouldn’t have, but you have also ran the risk of being tied to someone emotionally and spiritually because the two of you became one but it was never meant to take place.
Thus, although courting may seem like an old fashioned idea to some, it seems to have a person’s best interest at heart.
It really boils down to knowing what you want out of your relationships. Are you looking to meet random guys, possibly putting yourself in intimate relationships with them when they don’t deserve you, with the hopes of getting to know them better and maybe getting serious with them but maybe not. Or are you waiting for the right guy to come along, for him to realize that you are more than worth the wait, and for him to just want to get to know you (not your body), with the intentions of one day marrying you (because you are just that special).
With one scenario there is a serious commitment, and with the other there are just a bunch of possibilities (to get to know him better, to become physically intimate, to just ‘check out your options’).
What do you think is right for you?

-Virgin Monologuez

Don’t Give Up

When opposition and fear continue to knock you down, push harder…you are almost there.


Monologue Monday: Who Are You???

“Most people love you for who you pretend to be. To keep their love, you keep pretending - performing. You get to love your pretence. It's true, we're locked in an image, an act - and the sad thing is, people get so used to their image, they grow attached to their masks. They love their chains. They forget all about who they really are. And if you try to remind them, they hate you for it, they feel like you're trying to steal their most precious possession.”
-Jim Morrison 
There are going to be some people in life who don’t get you. They aren’t going to understand your personality, they might not appreciate your uniqueness, and they may resent the fact that you are different than them and that you’re ok with that.
Some people don’t like when you stand strong in your beliefs and convictions. As much as we in western societies pride ourselves on our individuality and independence, the reality is that many of us are comfortable as long as those around us fit into our mold.
We think that our friends and associates should act a certain way or behave a certain way (usually in line with us and our ideas), and when that doesn’t happen we have a tendency to distance ourselves from them or to get upset that ‘they are changing’. We may even go as far as calling them “snobbish” or “stuck up” now because they no longer are ok doing or being who we think they should do or be.
When I was in high school and college, several of my “friends” were ok with me as long as they thought that I resembled them and their thought patterns. The moment that I would voice my opinion or go against something that they stood for (i.e. casual sex, drinking, sleeping around, going from club to club with random people, etc), the moment that I became ‘stuck up’ and ‘snobby’.
The truth of the mater is that none of these lies were accurate about me, but in their heads it was a reality because they had an expectation and an idea of who I was supposed to be. When my image and actions didn’t fit that, it was no longer ideal for them.
There are always going to be pressures within our society to act a certain way or to believe a certain thing. The word normal is a reality because it’s what the majority does.
I don’t consider myself a ‘normal’ girl. I love being different and just being me.
Don’t get me wrong, there used to be a point in my life where I was really concerned about what other people thought about me. I wanted to please people and I wanted everyone to just be happy and get along.
That’s not me anymore. In trying to please everybody else, I missed out on being me.
Everybody is going to have an idea or an opinion about who you are or what you should do with your life. The most important thing that you should remember is that you only get one shot at this life…this isn’t a dress rehearsal; it’s the real thing.
If after all was said and done, you look back and you realize you never became who you wanted to be or you never spoke up and voiced your opinion because you wouldn’t fit in or be a part of the majority, then you would have lived your entire life for someone else.
In spite of the pressures of society, we must dare to be different and be firm and brave in who we are and how we want to live our lives.
Nobody but you can be who you are, so don’t waste your life trying to fit someone else’s destiny. Love yourself, and always stand true to what you believe in. You never know the impact that you are having on those around you.

-Virgin Monologuez
(P.S. I’ll be back with more stories for Monologue Mondays from other women’s journeys in a couple of weeks. In the meantime, check back next week for Monologue Monday: Courting vs. Dating).

Love Yourself

Wanting to be someone else is a waste of the person you are.
                                                                                                                                 -Marilyn Monroe

-Virgin Monologuez
(P.S. Dare to be different…dare to be you)


Flipping the Script: He Interviewed Me (Part 2)

So today is Part 2 of last weeks “Flipping the Script: He Interviewed Me” interview. (You can readPart 1 here).

Before we get into the interview, I just want to give a quick thanks to J.D. for calling me up and asking me could he interview me, and then coming up with some really interesting questions. There were a couple of times that I almost chocked on my water from shock at some of the questions that I was being asked lol, but I pulled myself together and tried to answer as best as I could. (Besides, I told him that nothing was off limits so I wanted to keep my word).
Just to give the new readers a back story, I have done several Male’s Perspective interviews for this site, and J.D. was one of the first guys that I ever interviewed. He called me up a while ago and asked if he could do a role reversal and interview me and I agreed. His rationale was that it would provide my readers a deeper insight into who I am as this site’s creator, as well as providing a glimpse into the mind of a woman in general. Obviously I don’t represent all women, but it’s always cool to gain a new perspective on something.
If you haven’t read Part 1 of the interview then it might seem a bit random just jumping into question 9, but this was basically one interview (of 15 questions) that I just broke up into two parts because I didn’t want to bore or overload ya’ll with too much reading in one setting.
So if you start reading below and it’s not making sense, considering going back to Part 1 first and then continuing here. Otherwise, to continue on in the interview, just check it out below.
Ya’ll have a good weekend and be safe J

Flipping the Script: He Interviewed Me (Part 2)

9.      Your family is a really close nit family. How important do you think it is for your significant other or spouse to get along with your family? Would you like your marriage to be separate from your immediate family?
Honestly, my family is a big part of me so I feel like if he can’t respect them then it’s almost as if he is disrespecting me. They have been there with me throughout my entire life and I have a lot of love and appreciation for them, so naturally I want my significant other to get along with my family and vice versa; we are just too close a family for anything different. At the same time however, I feel like once you unite with your significant other the two of you become one and begin a new family, with your spouse now becoming your top priority. You just have to decide what matters to you and what you are ok with, but for me it’s really important that all parties involved respect, appreciate and care for one another. As with everything else though, I guess the two of you just have to find that balance of what works for you guys.
10.  Who are you? I mean I know that you are waiting to have sex and what your beliefs and morals are, but who are you as a person? What can you tell your readers about yourself…what are your goals?

I am a simple yet complex girl. I enjoy life, I enjoy laughing, and I enjoy just being with people who are optimistic and want the best for themselves and others. On most days I don’t crave a lot of attention, and I am the happiest when those that I care about are taken care of and provided for. For me, people mean more to me than anything that I can or ever will possess, thus I try to value my relationships and take nothing for granted; cherishing every moment that I have.

In terms of my goals, I want to make a difference in the lives of others; particularly those less fortunate and/or younger girls who are just trying to find their way. There have been times in my past (and if I’m going to be really honest, even some instances in my recent present), that I felt loss and just didn’t know what to do next. But I know that as long as I am helping someone else, smiling as much as possible, and living life to the fullest that I am being who I want to be….Yeah, I think that about sums me up.

11.  Looking back on everything, you’re 27, single, and still a virgin, has it been worth it to wait? If so, why?

Absolutely! Waiting has been one of the best decisions of my life. I have been picked on, laughed at, and joked on, but none of that really matters to me. At the end of the day I have to answer to God for my actions, so this is how I choose to live my life. I know who I want to be and I am her.

Yeah, there are plenty of people walking around having sex and are seemingly doing just fine, but everything isn’t always what it appears to be.  There are a lot of people who are content on wearing masks and making it appear as though they have it all together and that their life is perfect, but that isn’t always the case and that’s one of the reasons why I decided to create this site.

There are very few people who talk about some of the possible consequences of being promiscuous. Sure most people seem to be doing just fine, but what about the girl who has low self-esteem and thus continues sleeping with others just to feel valued and validated, or the guy who only thinks about adding numbers to his growing list of ‘been there done that’ and not worrying about the impact that he’s having on other individuals or himself, or the teen who wishes that she would have never gotten into this cycle but now just doesn’t know how to get out of it….few people want to talk about that or warn younger people about those consequences.

So in short, no, I don’t regret my decision to wait. I would rather be ridiculed and called lame than to give myself away to somebody who is undeserving. I cherish my body, so I have to make sure that he’s the right one before giving away a piece of myself.
12.  Most people when they think about their honeymoon they think about where they are going, you are going to be thinking about having to loose your virginity. Do you think about that? Are you nervous?

Ummm…yeah, I’m nervous! I get anxious just thinking about it lol! I have no idea how that’s going to work. I pray to God that nobody comes up to me during the reception and just winks at me or gives me a crazy grin…I literally will die right there. I get squeamish just thinking about it!

In terms of actually loosing my virginity, (this is really weird by the way….talking about such a personal topic knowing that it’s going to be read publicly, but I said nothing was off limits so I guess back to the topic…), I think all of the above concerns are going to fly out of the window when the time comes. I am going to be with the person that I want to be with, and we will have pledged before God and man that we will cherish and respect each other for as long as we both shall live.

(….At least I’m hoping that’s how it goes. Knowing me I might faint or something, but we’ll just stick with hoping that none of those concerns matter when the time comesJ)!

13.  For the young girls that read your blog and follow your posts, what’s been the hardest part of remaining a virgin? What’s been the greatest joy?

The hardest part has been my dating life. In high school and college it was interesting because guys found it so appealing and intriguing to date someone that nobody had been with. As I got older though it seems to have had the opposite effect and now it seems like some guys wonder ‘what’s wrong with her that nobody’s been able to get it yet’. It really has been crazy to observe that mentality to shift.

That said, my greatest moment has been seeing the look on my girls’ faces (whom I mentor), as I tell them that I’m a virgin. They look at me and they’re like ‘you have never done it and guys still like you…so it is possible?!?!?!’

Daring to be different doesn’t just change my life, but it also impacts and influences other peoples’ lives as well…definitely joyful moments.
14.  Is there anything else that you would like to say to your readers?

To my readers I would just say thank you for continuously coming to my site and checking out what it is that I have to say. While there have been countless people who have sent me emails and messages, there have been some people who continuously and consistently go out of their way to encourage and inspire me and to them I say thank you from my heart. Ya’ll fuel me and help to remind me that every journey has its purpose.

To all of the teens and young girls out there reading this site, remember that you are more valuable than anything else in the world. Never allow anyone to degrade you or tell you that you are less than and never give yourself to somebody just because you hope that it will help them to like you more. You are a priceless treasure, and the sky is the limit for you. Reach for the stars and go after your dreams J!

15.  And if your future husband was reading this, what would you say to him?

 I’m waiting for you :)

-Virgin Monologuez