Monologue Monday: EphesiansWife

Hi everyone! How’s your Monday going so far???

I hope it’s off to a good start.

So today I have the pleasure of introducing you to Megan. (Actually you might already know her, but just in case you don’t she has a fabulous blog over at EphesiansWife that you should definitely check out if you aren’t familiar with her already).

A while ago I was searching through blogs and I stumbled upon hers, and I was like ‘YES’!

You can tell through her posts that she has a really sweet and genuine spirit about her, and the topics that she chooses to write about really impart wisdom into those looking to honor their husbands and love themselves.

(I’m not in a relationship, but you can never learn too much right?!?! Seriously, the day I stop learning is the day I stop contributing).

But back to Megan, she agreed to share her personal story about her past relationships and how they impacted where she is now in life.

And a big thank you to her for being so transparent and sharing her personal journey…It is when we share what we have been through, that someone else becomes familiar with that road and possibly chooses not to travel down it. (I like coming up with proverbs from time to time…how do you think I did? Deep? Insightful? Corny???)

Here’s her story, written in her own words:

Monologue Monday: EphesiansWife
I had the ring. I signed the pledge. I read all the books. True love waits...and waiting I did.

But what are we waiting for?

Somewhere along the way my waiting became yearning. I did what the christian girl is supposed to do and waited for the physical act until I was married, but I drug my heart through the mud along the way.

I was waiting for a husband. I was waiting for a man to love me and cherish me. I was waiting for the one whom my soul loved. I was waiting for the love story.

By waiting I missed the fact that I already had the greatest love story of all time. The God of the Universe pursues me passionately and loves me deeply. I didn't need to wait on anyone to come because He is already here. I was loved by God and that was my everything.

Sweet sisters, how I missed this truth for far too long. I lived the "waiting" life, and in the meantime I fell to men that were not part of the joy that God wanted me to have. In my waiting, I lost sight of the value and love that comes from being hidden in the love of God. In my waiting, I was left with a void that needed to be filled. Christ protected my physical purity, but I allowed my emotional purity to be jeopardized. Instead of resting fully in what I had, I waited and wished for the knight in shining armor to come. Unfortunately, all those knights turned out to be thieves disguised by shiny armor. They stole the worth that comes from Christ alone.

All the joys and pains have made me into the woman I am today. I can stand confidently in my worth because I know whose I am. Jesus purified my heart and held me in His arms. I am now a wife to a wonderful man and am thankful for the beauty of my marriage. Jesus is my first lover and the one who shows me how to love.

Friends, you have a lover that wants to pursue you today. When you find satisfaction in Him, you may be led to a husband and you may not, but God wants to be your lover at this moment in time. He doesn't want to be a placeholder until someone else comes along. He wants to take care of your heart. Your waiting can be surrendered and you can begin to live in the love story with God that surrounds you right now.


  1. I have so much respect for the message you speak to women! I am honored to have been asked to guest post! Thanks for allowing me to share my heart :)

  2. I loved this post, God is purifying my heart to love him completely. My relationship with God is being reconciled. Everything in this post has definitely spoken to me.

  3. I am so glad to read of and be apart of a blog that has so much love and faith in the same Jesus Christ as I do.

  4. Megan @EphesiansWife, you are seriously welcome back any time :)

  5. Hi Megan. I follow your blog and you really inspire my relationship with my husband. This is a post I will share with my daughter. She is 14 and is in that awkward stage where everyone has a boyfriend accept her. She is battling the same feelings you describe here. Thank you for such a transparent post.


  6. I love myself because I am a good mother and wife, I love to help people.

  7. i love myself because
    God to special time out to make me my curvs, my hair , my feet, hands are by a special desingner who put great thought in to my makeup. i love to be love like this.He only want the best for me so he made me to be the best. I am a one of a kind wow

  8. i love myself because Jesus loves me and he did for the whole round world.i feel that Iam here for that . and also I am some childs ,mother and wife, we have to love our selves. how can we, Love God. whom we, have not seen.so lets show more


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