It’s Almost Over… I Promise!

Are ya’ll getting tired of me posting these daily messages about loving yourself?!?!?

I hope not because it’s important...at least to me anyway J

That said, too much of anything is too much. (I don’t want ya’ll crossing me off your subscribe feed or blocking me on Facebook!). So please just hang in there with me a couple of more days and we’ll be finished with the “Love Yourself” campaign on Thursday. (Until this time next year that is! Haha. But I’m thinking that I’ll throw in some gifts and prizes next year to keep it fun and engaging).

On a serious note, I’ve received messages and comments from others that this campaign has helped to remind them of how special they are, and I honestly can’t ask for anything more than that.

In other news, I recently got done with the latest Male’s Perspective Interview, and I must say that hands down this was my absolute favorite interview that I have done thus far. (But don’t tell the other guys I said that….especially my younger brother whom I interviewed twice).

Honestly I try not to pick favorites, or to even formulate an opinion at all, because the guys that I interview are seriously the most diverse group of guys that you will ever meet. (Athletes, military, doctor, accounting, politics, computer information systems, teachers, and several more have all been covered, so they all come from different walks of life).

And I know this year I told myself, and you all, that I would do 12 interviews (one for each month) because I didn’t want to overexpose that element of this site, (back to too much of a good thing being just too much), but I am going to have to adjust that and go with the flow. (But I will get as close to twelve as possible and that’s a promise!).

That said, check back on Friday to see the latest interview, and it will count as February and March.

In the mean time, I hope you have a great week J

Oh… and how could I forget to mention that later on today, Emily over at Newlywed Moments is going to be sharing a repost that she wrote on her blog about her first kiss….come back and check it out if you have time.

*****P.S. Some time at the beginning of last year I disabled my subscribe feed because I was fearful that I would get caught up in the statistics of it all, and that’s just not the type of person that I am. I have some really big projects coming up though, and I realized that I can’t do it without your support, thus I am asking you to help spread the word by subscribing to this site and liking our Facebook page.
I have grown and matured quite a bit and realized that this isn’t about me, I am going to stay humble and grateful each and every time I get a click because I really am grateful, but this message that I have…this purpose is bigger than me and I can’t do it on my own. Thus I have readded the subscribe feature.*****
P.S.S. Sorry if I was all over the place with this post…hopefully you got the gist of what I was saying!

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