Love Yourself: Day 20

I love myself because of the strong bond that I share with my family. I am so grateful that God saw it fit to bless me with these individuals whom I have grown to love, cherish and admire. Without my family, I wouldn’t be half of the woman that I am today. Their love really has feed the deeps of my soul and nourished me in ways that I will never be able to say thank you enough to them.

****P.S. There are only 8  7 days left, so let’s finish out strong!!! (And thank you to everyone who has been participating whether by being a silent participant or by leaving a comment. You are all fabulous!!! But I guess you know that already J)****



  1. love myself because I like my personality. I can get along with anyone from a crackhead to a billinonaire to a rocket scientist. I love being me.

  2. I love that I have learned to listen to the voice of God instead of doing it my way.


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