Love Yourself: Day 19

I love myself because I’m a book worm that can get lost in a great book for hours! I have stayed up countless nights reading when I should have been in bed, but if it’s that good I can’t put it down until the end. (I also love that I’m not into trends or what’s popular at the moment… I just read whatever strikes my fancy. Actually I probably shouldn’t be admitting this but sometimes when I’m at the library browsing for my next read, I’ll choose a book based solely off the pretty/girly cover).

P.S. There are only 9 8 days left, so let’s finish out strong!!! (And thank you to everyone who has been participating whether being a silent participant or by leaving a comment. You are all fabulous!!! But I guess you know that already :))


  1. I love myself because I’m created very uniquely. God did an awesome job and I thank him. He also gives me the things I lack in.

  2. I love myself because of the lives I inspire with a smile

  3. I love myself because I can still laugh even when I am in pain


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