Love Yourself: Day 26

I used to struggle with this, but I love myself because I have learned how to let go of things, and people, if it’s necessary to my growth or just an unhealthy situation. 


Almost Finished!!!

Don’t forget to celebrate why you love yourself today!


  1. I love myself because I don't judge people based off their physical attributes. I really get to kno people. You miss out on blessings when you don't give people a chance

  2. ilove myself because i realize that at the end of the day i still have to be me, and if i cant except who im am i will always try to be like someone else. i will always try to live up to someone else standers.. no thank you i love me for me

  3. I love myself because over the years I have developed certain standards and I refuse to go beneath those standards... I love myself.


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