Love Yourself: Day 14

I love myself because of my emotions. One thing that you might learn about me, if you haven’t already picked up on it yet, is that I’m extremely sensitive. This used to be a problem because I was one of those people who “wears her heart on her sleeve”, but I have since learned how not to allow my emotions to get the best of me.

Now instead of my sensitivity being a downfall or shortcoming, I have learned am learning how to use it to hone in on my compassion and kindheartedness. I think I’m able to relate and connect with people because I try to be aware and sensitive to their needs…that said, I don’t always get it right, but l do try.

What about you? What do you want to celebrate about yourself on this international day of love?! (Please leave a comment below)

P.S. So I was just looking over previous posts and realized that I wrote that I loved myself because of my faith twice, but who’s counting right?!?!? If you are, I apologize for the oversight Nerd smile (Guess it’s really important to me huh?)



  1. I love myself because I’m content with doing anything on weekends and can entertain myself. We live in a world today with facebook, twitter, clubs, restaurants, etc. A good weekend for me is just sitting on the couch relaxing and watching sports. I don’t need much to make me happy.

  2. what is there not to love about me i am clled the beloved of God (no really that is what my name mean) just to think how special i msut be to Him that he selected a name that has His heart. I choose to Love myself and people more to day and even more tomorrw. My heart is to sereve people and to let them know how important they are.I love myself because im learing to care for someone else be sides me

  3. I love myself because I am still a child at heart. Even though I'm 21, I kept my inner child alive. I think that's extremely important because we live in a world where everyone wants to be grown so fast. I can say that I still have my head up in the clouds dreaming.


I really appreciate ya'll for taking the time to comment. Tell me your thoughts, and I'll try to respond back as soon as possible. Have a good day :)