If Loving You Is Wrong…

I’m always thinking and I always have a notebook with me at ALL times…ok, maybe I forget it sometimes, but for the most part I’m always around pen and paper.

My younger brother used to think that I was weird because I was always writing anything (papers, journaling, quotes…anything to express myself). He got wise quick though and learned how to use that to his advantage!

Any way though, I wish I had something deep or thought provoking to share with you all today, but I’m just a simple girl really.

What I have to say isn’t philosophical, it probably isn’t going to change your life, but hopefully it will make an impact on your relationships, your thought process, and how you interact with others.

What I want to share has profoundly affected me personally and that is this: Love people where they are and not where you think they should be.

Give others room to make mistakes and to try.

No one is perfect, love isn’t a pedestal for people to be placed on, and life is a journey (meaning it takes time to get there).

I know today is celebrated as a day of love, (and believe me, I’m all about Valentine’s Day! It and Christmas are my two favorite holidays hands down), but as you go about your day today (and honestly the rest of your life),try to express love to those who are deemed “unlovable” or who don’t “have it all together”. Whatever that means.

I’m sure at some point someone else probably thought the same thing about you…can’t relate? I’m sure someone has definitely thought it about me a time or two, so I can appreciate people loving me when I was undeserving!

So as you go through your day today, try not to get caught up in the flowers, the candy, or whether or not you are in a relationship. (That stuff’s important but it’s not everything).

Instead, love yourself and try to extend to others the same grace that you required in order to be yourself and still be loved and accepted.

-Happy Valentine’s Day web friends

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