Love Yourself: Day 7

I love myself because of my sense of humor. I know I sound serious most of the time, but that’s because I’m serious about things that are important to me. The truth is I’m just a goof ball that loves to laugh.

Even though you do hear crickets every once in a while, and I sometimes have to consult a book to get my jokes right (just kidding…kind of), the point is I make people laugh… or maybe the jokes on me…either way, it’s always a good time!

What are you loving about yourself today? (Please leave a comment below)


  1. I love myself and that is enough to give myself a hug, a smile and a high five everyday. I love to laugh, sing and just enjoy life. hey you only live once why not have funn doing it. wow that,s good

  2. What I love about myself is that I don't like conflict or a lot of drama. I like to seek peace.

  3. I love myself because of my humbleness. I'm very down to earth, and I realize that I’m nothing without God and my family.


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