Love Yourself: Day 21

I love myself because I take time out to care for myself and to get revitalized and refreshed. Whether that’s through taking myself on a movie date, going and getting my nails done, taking a weekend trip somewhere (that has room service), or going for walks through the park (I love gardens and the smell of flowers), I am constantly trying to make sure that I am not getting bogged down by the pressures and stress of daily life. (I stand by the concept that you can’t give your best if you aren’t at your best!).

****P.S. There are only 7  6 days left, so let’s finish out strong!!! (And thank you to everyone who has been participating whether by being a silent participant or by leaving a comment. You are all fabulous!!! But I guess you know that already :))****


  1. I love myself because I have thick skin. Someone can tell me something in a harsh way, yell at me, or talk badly about me and I can tune them out and take what good, if anyhing, they said to heart and move on. (Sort of like a referee when a coach is yelling at them). This is why I love myself; I don’t let too much affect me

  2. i love that I can sing and singing to the lord completely uplifts me. It brings a smile to my face.


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