Love Yourself: Day 11

I love myself because I try even when I have no idea how something is going to work out. One of the more recent examples of this is when I created this site. I had to overcome any fears or apprehensions that I may have had, and take a chance at sharing my thoughts and perspective about issues affecting women, and as a result I have received nothing but warmth and positivity.

People of all backgrounds and creeds have welcomed me with open arms, and I’m extremely grateful for that.

What about you? What one thing about you makes you love and admire yourself today? (This isn’t about being conceited or egotistical, this is about celebrating the extraordinary person that you are). Love yourself today because you are So Worth It!!! Smile



  1. I love my self because I know whatever the situation is I can never count myself out. Also I’m an extremely hard worker and we all know hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.

  2. i found myself wondering if i could ever find out who i was, just the other day i was told that i was the most special person in the world. i love myself more now because i have been restored back to
    gods glory the place i should never take for granted

  3. I love myself because I recognize my true beauty comes from the lord living inside of me. I can fully embrace who I am now.

  4. @Anynonmus and Shar, I have tried not to comment on the Love Yourself comments because loving yourself is such a personal thing, and thus my opinion (in my opinion!) doesn’t matter. That said, reading your comments made me smile. It is so easy to get caught up in society’s standard of what is beautiful, worthy, or valuable, but most of the times those things are tangible assets that can easily be changed or altered. Things such as having the latest trends, boasting large amounts of wealth, or being physically appealing, etc.…and while all those things have their place, they should never define who a person is. I too have come to learn that it’s the intangible things that have defined me the most: my character, integrity, faith, and so forth. Our true beauty really does come from within. :)


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