Love Yourself: Day 18

I love myself because of all of the awkward moments that I sometimes have, or the laughable uncomfortable situations that I sometimes unconsciously place myself in Nerd smile…not only does my life stay interesting and funny fun, but consequently I have learned to be prepared for anything.

I am the perfect balance of unpredictable and expected….I love that!

What about you? Why do you love yourself?

P.S. There are only 9 days left, so let’s finish out strong!!! (And thank you to everyone who has been participating whether as a silent participant or by leaving a comment. You are all fabulous!!! But I guess you already know that :))


  1. I love myself because God loved me enough to send Jesus to die on the Cross for me.

  2. I love myself because Its not easy for people to figure me out. They would really have to sit down and talk to me to find out more about me.

  3. as i spend more time along with myself i realize that i can enjoy life. i dont have to have a lot of people in my life to make it intreseting. i love the sound of silent, i love the sound of my own heart beat and i love the sound of my own breath.. iam getting to no me and all that i can be....


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