I just wanted to briefly share some ideas that I am currently toying with:

©      Adding a fashion post per month- I mentioned a while back that I interned for a designer in London, and I really LOVE expressing myself through my clothing, so I thought that it might be a cool idea to show different outfit ideas for those of us who want to stay fashionable and modern, but don’t want to reveal everything and still maintain a balance of modesty. What are your thoughts???

©      Doing A Male’s Perspective Interview Once Per Month- In the past I just did an interview whenever I had the time, so sometimes they were back to back and others they were more sporadic. I want to be more intentional (as long as I have willing participants!), so I will try to do these once a month going forward. (Side note- My brother just finished Part 2 of his interview, and it was SO GOOD!!! I’ll be posting that in the next week or two, so please be on the look out for it. In the mean time, you can catch up on Part 1 here).

©      Being More Interactive With My Readers- I have mentioned a ton of times how much I like corresponding with ya’ll. While I do receive a lot of emails and comments, I want ya’ll to start sending me more questions (for the Male’s Perspective interviews) or topics (that you might want me to discuss), so that it can be more about us as a community and not just about me and my ideas. So please, email if you think of a good question for me to answer or you have a topic that you want discussed or are curious about. That said, if you don’t want it to be public, I am more than cool with that too. Just let me know and I will do as you request. My email address is virginmonologuez@gmail.com.
I guess that’s all for now….Oh wait, one more thing…. tomorrow’s Monday Monologue post is about justifying our actions that we know are wrong but doing so anyway because we don’t want to feel guilty, but we still want to do what we want to do…. I spanked myself with this one a bit, so make sure to come back and check it out if you can relate or are curious to hear more.
Have a good Sunday J

-Virgin Monologuez

***P.S. I just remembered that this past Friday the site reached 10,000 page views. Thank you all so much for making that possible! I never knew that it was going to grow to this magnitude, but now that it has, the sky is the limit. I have some exciting things in store, and I can’t wait to see how God brings them to pass. So thank you again for your support. For everyone who has clicked on a post, liked our Facebook page, or added yourself as a follower to the site, thank you. In less than a year, together we have made a huge difference ****


  1. I look forward to your new additions to your blogs. Also, you and Aaron Rose have inspired me to start a blog for 2013. Do you have any advice to starting one. I'm not sure what I want it to be about. Like I was thinking some poetry, inspirational things about morals/values etc. I'm all over the place with that at the moment. And I want to remain anonymous on it (at least for the beginning...lol) I'm so excited.

    Take care

  2. Congratulations on your new endeavors! My only advice is to write about something that you are passionate about and the material will just flow because you have an invested interest in what it is that you are saying. If you enjoy what you are doing then it is less likely to become boring or monotonous. I hope you experience much success, and please make sure to send me a link whenever you do start one so that I can check it out :).

  3. Do you ever come across people that when they find out you are a virgin or about waiting tell marriage that they say: it seems so crazy,that you are not going to meet anyone being a virgin and you never been in love so your virgin status will change? Doesn't that irritate you? I hate that people assume certain things with the title virgin, being a virgin is not a dirty, bad or disease its something that I decided based on morals/values and my spirituality. And it sucks that people think that way and that you find a guy that aligns with your virginity beliefs but he doesn't notice you at all...Have you ever come across these things?

  4. Hi @Anonymous. Yeah, I have met people who have these crazy misconceptions about virgins or just about waiting in general, but I try not to let their opinions of things get to me. I know what is best for me and I’m doing it, so I try to focus more on this truth than on the negativity or badgering of others.


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