Monologue Monday: You Are Changing

Has anyone ever accused you of changing or made it seem as if something was now wrong with you because you started doing things differently and were now trying to better yourself?

With a new year quickly approaching, I thought it very befitting to discuss this subject. At the beginning of every new ear, many people try to come up with resolutions or plans promising new beginnings or a fresh start, all with the hopes of moving forward.
They join gyms, promise to start eating healthier, make vows to stop doing this or that, and are just excited with anticipation for what the future holds.
This argument is not just made towards those who make resolutions for the new year though. Many a people have been accused of changing or “acting as if they have it all together” once they have altered from previous habits or the expectations and opinions of others.
Some of those people have went back to school to get a higher degree, have obtained a job in the profession that they have always wanted to work in, have stopped partying, or have accomplished whatever other thing that they have been wanting to do but have never really followed through with.
If you have heard any of this, or have been struggling with trying to live better but not wanting to leave behind certain people or certain things, don’t get discouraged or loose focus.
You are going to change. A function of life is for us to grow and evolve as individuals.
Life is a journey and if you are staying in the same place then you aren’t journeying…you aren’t moving forward.
If people say you’ve changed or try to make you feel bad about positive lifestyle choices that you are now making for yourself, don’t let it get to you. You are growing and evolving as you should. If you still have the same mentality as you did in high school but now you are 30 then that would be a valid reason for concern, but someone accusing you of trying to do better for yourself and making you feel guilty about it is not ok. Don’t let someone else hinder your success or deter your attempts at greatness.
If you previously didn’t know basic subjects, but now you are going back to school that’s a good thing. If you used to be timid and shy but now you are bold and the CEO of a company, that’s a reason to celebrate not to feel condemned or bad. If you always wanted to try for something and have kept trying and finally you have gotten the position, it’s ok to celebrate your success.
Again, don’t feel bad or disheartened when others say you are changing with a negative connotation behind it while you yourself know that the change has been for the better.
Some people don’t like when you start doing better for yourself. They are comfortable and can accept you as long as you are at their level. The minute that you start stepping out of their comfort zone, it makes them uncomfortable and they no longer know how to handle or relate to you.
Don’t stay in the same place. Strive to do better and to be better. Change is good J
You only live once so make the most out of the present…the gift that you have been given. If there is something that you have been wanting to do, go after it and fight for your dreams. Don’t worry what everyone else has to say about you.  Go hard!
-Virgin Monologuez


  1. Happy New Year! And yes i agree, changing is good. This year and toward the last 3rd of the year have been working toward of these changes. I look forward to see what 2013. God Bless you and look forward to read what is next on your blog.

  2. Happy New Year to you too @Anonymous. May your 2013 be filled with prosperity, peace, and a myriad of other great blessings. Thanks for checking out the blog and commenting.


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