Monologue Monday: I Need Your Help!!!

What were thoughts about last week’s Male Week posts? (If you haven’t read them, you can check them out here!)

I really enjoyed doing those pieces; the guys were so hands on and talkative, so thanks to them for helping me to make those posts a success.
This week is going to be fairly quiet around here, but I do want to ask for your help with something:
This blog is mainly about sharing and supporting one another. I strive to remind you that you aren’t alone, and that you are not the only one going through some of the things that you are going through at the moment(with your relationships, self-esteem, confidence and so forth). So since others have been there and experienced that, why not have them share their stories on this site to help someone else potentially not have to experience the pain and heartache that they once endured.
If you are interested in sharing your story for the Monologue Monday posts (or any of the other posts), and if you want it to remain anonymous (or you can share your name… it’s your decision), then feel free to send me an email: virginmonologuez@gmail.com.
This site need you J (….other people need to know that they aren’t alone).
-Virgin Monologuez


I really appreciate ya'll for taking the time to comment. Tell me your thoughts, and I'll try to respond back as soon as possible. Have a good day :)