Thank You AaronRose24

So I recently just logged into my email and saw all of these comments in my inbox, and found out that YouTube’s AaronRose24 did a video response to a post I wrote about  Datingvs. Courting.
You can check out his video response here, but I just wanted to take a minute to say a quick thank you to him and to you all for commenting and sharing your perspective on the matter. It really is such a humbling feeling when others take the time to comment or share with their friends about something that you wrote or created, so thank you Aaron and everyone else for your support and comments.
Ya’ll almost made me tear up lol J With all sincerity, thank you.
-Virgin Monologuez


  1. I give credit where it is due. I like to see people spread stories and wisdom thru their personal experiences. You are very welcome and when your time comes you will make an excellent wife to your husband. Stay strong and in faith.


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