Don’t Be Silent

I have done things in my past that I’m not proud about. There have been some situations and circumstances that I have willingly allowed myself to be a part of, and for that I have been wrong. As a result of the consequences of my actions, I have had to endure some pain and heartache. In short, I am not perfect nor do I pretend to be.

I think our current society is one such that image and perception is everything, and because we have allowed our truth (and the truths of those around about us) to be fabricated or altered in such a manner that it only presents us in the best possible light, now our peers and younger generation are suffering from these ‘altered truths’ that we have feed them and allowed them to believe.
Reality tv that has been scripted and now only bears a semblance of the truth, has become a fact and a way of life now.
No one wants to be real anymore and share their struggles and hardships at risk of making their own lives seem imperfect or themselves seem inadequate.
We are breeding a generation of young ladies who think that airbrushed images and attention seeking relationships are the ‘it’ items to have. Instead of wondering how they can help to feed the poor or visit the elderly, they are wondering how to up their social media statuses or to gain more attention and recognition.
It has become less about making a difference or impacting the lives around about them, and more about ‘me’.
We as a people are responsible for this sad and unfortunate phenomenon that we are contributing to and allowing to continue.
Although difficult and sometimes hurtful, and possible even embarrassing, we must begin to tell our stories and be open and truthful about our experiences.
This doesn’t mean that you have to go out telling your business for the world to hear and judge, but at least refuse to be silent any longer while watching as someone else destroys their life because they were following in your footsteps but only saw half of the picture.
If they knew your real story and the journey behind how you got to where you are today, would they still be imitating your actions or trying to follow you?
Don’t take your position lightly. You were chosen for a reason… make a positive difference in someone else’s life today.


  1. This is the exact reason why I post videos of my life and past experiences.

  2. @AaronRose, Glad that you can relate to what I wrote. The more that people can be real with each other and stop worrying about their "image", the better off we will be. I have made TONS of mistakes in the past, and I don't mind talking about it if that means that it will help somebody else out. Thanks for commenting :)

    1. You made tons of mistakes? This may sound weird but I can't imagine it. I picture you as perfect pattie. Lol. I know we are far from perfect and mistakes are made thru life but it's hard to picture it with you.


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