A Turn of Events

Remember J.D.??? Well, I called him up yesterday to ask him if he would like to do a Part 2 to the Male’s Perspective Interview that he did here, as a sort of throw-back moment before I went on to the other guys that I have lined up, (his interview was the most read, so I thought it was appropriate to interview him once more before moving forward), and he had the nerve to flip the switch on me and ask me if he could interview me!

Actually, all he had to do was ask and I was more than excited to give my two-cents, but I did find it interesting that he would ask me if he could interview me… He’s probably going to ask me some off the wall questions because I told him nothing was off limits, so ya’ll should get a good read out of this if nothing else.(And to be honest, I think he’s just trying to know what women want J- but I’m going to be real with him nevertheless like I always am…should be interesting right?)
So Thursday’s the interview day and I’m thinking of calling it either “The Male’s Perspective: What Women Want- His Interview with Me” or “The Male’s Perspective: Flipping the Script”.
What do you all think? Lame? Too Wordy? Go with a different title?
Either way, I think this should be fun….Oh, and in other news, guess who else just agreed to be featured for the next interview- my youngest brother (age 25)! Yep, he was like I’ll do it but you can only ask me questions that I choose…um what?!?! Yeah…that’s not happening. I was like I’m the sheriff on this blog Mr. (just kidding)
Lol, no but seriously, now I just have to ask my oldest bro and see what he says. I love the idea of interviewing them because even though we all grew up in the same household, I think on some issues we may have different ideas about relationships and such.
Enough for now though…

Have a good day J

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