Monologue Monday: To All the Moms Out There

Thank you.

Thank you for taking your responsibilities and your role as a parent seriously. Thank you for refusing to allow us (your children) to do the things we begged to do, because you thought about the consequences and negative impacts when we failed to consider them. Thank you for teaching us about how a woman is supposed to be treated by a man, and for modeling that example for us constantly. Thank you for instilling in us that our beauty is not defined by the clothes that we wear or the amount of compliments that we receive, but by our character and who we are on the inside.
Thanks for being our role models.
That’s what this post is really about…It’s to thank all of those mother’s out there who weren’t afraid to be our mother when all the other “moms” just wanted to be their child’s friend. It’s to say thank you to all of the mothers who warned us not to mess with this guy or that, and who told us the truth about sex, relationships, and our self-worth.
That’s why I’m here…that’s why I am me. It’s because of women like you… women like my own mother who wasn’t afraid to say no when the answer should have been no, and yes when the answer warranted.
The reason why this is even a monologue at all is because without such women- the mothers of the world who take their job of instilling solid morals and values into their daughters seriously- then I would not be writing this. I would not be mentoring other young girls because I wouldn’t have known what mentorship looked like.
I am who I am because you are who you are. So thank you to all you amazing, brilliant, intelligent, successful, authentic, loveable, kindhearted, warm mothers out there.
From me to you, it’s because of your sacrifices and scars that my body is less marked up. You helped pave the way, and I am just following in your honorable footsteps.
Keep doing what you do ladies... Teach your daughters so that they may teach their own daughters.
-Thank you J

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