What’s Up With The Male Perspective?!?

It’ll be back soon, I promise! I know some of you all really like reading the various interviews that I was compiling from the different male’s perspectives, so I just wanted to take a sec to let you know that those posts will be back soon.

To be honest, the entire month of April was a really laid back month for me in posting because I was traveling throughout Asia, so I put blogging aside to focus on my personal life and just some self-renewal time.
Since I am back into the swing of things now though, I am ready to post some hot fashions, some in-depth interviews, inspirational quotes, and a lot of laughs; so don’t worry… the blog that you were growing to love is still around!
That said, if you have any questions that you want answered or any ideas for upcoming interviews/posts, then just shoot me an email.
On a side note, I’m trying to get my two brothers to do an interview….is that kind of weird though lol?!?!

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