Be You

I just read a quote that was so REAL, that I had to share it with ya’ll:

“People who are true to themselves never know how many people they inspire, just by being real”.

P.S. I just finished an interview with my youngest brother, and it was raw! I mean like “I’m not going to spare any words, I support what you are doing and its time that guys get real about things” kind of RAW. Ya’ll are going to love it; I couldn’t believe how candid and frank he was being about everything…it was extremely insightful, and completely from an athlete’s perspective.
We started the interview at about 8:30, and we finished about an hour and forty minutes later. I know I say this for most of the interviews that I do (and that’s because I mean it!), but you SERIOUSLY don’t want to miss this. I’ll try to post it by this weekend sometime….make sure to check back!

-Have a good week J

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