Satan Is Out To Kill, Still, & Destroy

Over the last couple of years I have heard a phrase that has really disturbed me, and maybe I’m just naïve and don’t get it (and if that’s the case then please comment below or send me a private message), but why do people say ‘you don’t rank high enough for satan to attack you’?

I know you might be asking what does this have to do with virginity, abstinence, sex, self-esteem, and so forth, but in mind it has EVERYTHING to do with it. If satan can attack your mind (which he tries to), then he can attack your ideas about relationships, your confidence, your persona.
(Why wouldn’t he not want to attack your perspective about relationships??? Sexual immorality is the only sin in which you sin against your own body {1 Corinthians 6:18}. It’s a temple and satan wants to destroy it as well).
***Side note- know how I said that I wouldn’t make this site ALL about my faith (because I wanted to be all inclusive and not force anyone to believe anything)…well this is one of those times where I am putting my personal beliefs out there. I just feel like this is so important and I genuinely don’t get the phrase, so I wanted to talk about it***
Now back to the expression: ‘You don’t rank high enough for satan to attack you’. I personally believe that if you believe in God, live by his word, and are obedient to His commandments, then YOU RANK HIGH ENOUGH.
Satan doesn’t want ANYONE confessing the name of God…He doesn’t want anyone believing in Christ or sharing their faith with others. If you are doing these things then you are a threat to him and his mission, meaning that he is going to try to attack you (and destroy you) every chance that he gets.
The Bible says that the least shall be called the greatest, and that unless you become like a child (i.e. dependent, humble, trustworthy, teachable, and modest) then you shall not make it into Heaven {Luke 9:48 & Matthew 18:3}. If we were talking about status, do you think a child would be high enough on the ladder???
In short, whether you are the next Billy Graham/Joel Olsten/T.D. Jakes, or whether you are newly saved and have only shared Christ with one person, you do matter and you are a threat to satan. If God’s children are so precious to Him that he would go after just one lost sheep when he has millions of saved ones, then what makes someone think that for satan to be attacking you then you have to be an elite Christian (whatever that means).
Don’t take on this mindset. If you are spending time with God, sharing Him with others, and loving others as God does, then satan is not happy and he is going to try to do something about it. If he can get you to think that he’s not attacking you (because you’re not that important to him), then he can harass you without you even being suspicious of his assaults.
Know your worth. Realize your importance. If you confess the name of Christ, then Satan wants you destroyed…You not only rank high enough, you are the ultimate threat.

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