Monologue Monday: Greater Than The Game

Today is going to be a good dayJ!

Today is one of my most favorite parts about this blog- when we come together to share our stories with the hopes of encouraging one another. So today’s monologue is by the creator of Greater Than The Game: Chante Truscott; you can find her website here.
Many of you are familiar with An Athlete’s wife and her amazing story, and so I asked her if she would mind introducing her friend and today’s incredible feature to you. Here is what she had to say about Mrs. Truscott:
“Chante Truscott is such a giving, kind, and powerful woman of God.  She has a passion and desire to help single women understand what it means to connect with their spiritual husband before God blesses them with an earthly husband.  Her experiences in life have given her a heart of gold that God is using to connect with women all over the world.  She recently started a blog about her journey with Him, and I could not be more proud of what God is doing in and through her.  She would give anything for another person and her enthusiasm to share her story is a just one way in which she shows her love for the women that God connects her with.  I pray that something that she says today will touch your hearts as she has touched mine.  I am so blessed to have her as a sister in Christ”.
                                                                                           ~An Athlete's Wife

The household that I grew up in was not conducive to openly talking about sex with our parents. My mother got pregnant when she was 17, by her own choice, and because of her own decisions she instilled a “no sex rule”. The only talk that we had was “don’t do it!”
As an adolescent, I became extremely curious about the act of sex. Our household was not one of a deep relationship with Christ at the time, so I was not given the eternal impact of having sex before marriage. The closed line of communication between my parents and myself did not satisfy the questions that I had. I didn’t want to have sex but I was curious what it was about.
My first boyfriend took my curiosity as a sign of interest in engaging in sex and pounced on the opportunity to “educate” me. I did not enjoy the act of sex during the entire 5 year, tumultuous relationship. My soul tie to this person took me through a myriad of experiences that I was too young to comprehend. I could not understand why I was unable to loosen the grip his soul had to mine. I was not the only person he was engaged in a physical relationship with and I was aware of it, but felt helpless to do anything about it.
Even after I gained the strength to fully remove him from my life, the emotional damage this relationship had caused was evidenced in my further interactions with men. My college life was shrouded in sexual sin and lust for things and people that God never intended for me to have. God spoke to me during this time and revealed why sex is only intended for marriage. I had become a different person with mannerisms and tendencies that I did not recognize.
When you have sex with someone, your souls are bound together. You take on some of their characteristics, thoughts, and feelings. The more people you have sex with, the more your mind, body, and soul begin to look like ALL of them. God revealed to me a very ugly, cruel, stone-hearted individual who was staring back at me in the mirror.
At 21 years old, I made the conscious decision to allow God to cleanse me and purify me from my sexual sin that had haunted me for 7 years. I can truly look back over my life and see that God’s grace prepared me for my soul mate. My hurtful past was preparing me for my husband.
I don’t experience regret or shame today because that would be believing the lies of the enemy, but I can imagine how much sweeter my wedding night would have been had I been pure for my husband. As a couple, we are continuing to allow God to remove any remnants of the sin we both engaged in before we became one.
I would like to encourage each of you to wait until God joins you with your soul mate. Waiting for him/her allows your soul to be free and pure so their qualities can join with yours. It is important that our soul joins with the one person God designed for us. You can avoid “the multiple-personality syndrome”. Those are the things to leave behind for your pure connection.


  1. I agree completely- I'm always so happy, honored, and surprised when people agree to share their stories with me (and all of you :)) with the hopes that it might help someone else out. It really is amazing!

  2. People don't want to face the fact but there are soul ties.. Just found this YouTube video on the same.


  3. @Millicent,

    Thanks for the link; I’ll check it out. One of my guy friends was telling me that he read this post and it made him second guess some of the relationships that he has had in the past.

    He was like “this was deep”! :) I’m glad that by other women and men (and me) telling our stories and experiences, that it can help or encourage (or make someone reevaluate) their own lifestyles.


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