Monologue Monday: MzNuBeginnings

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How are you? Hope your Monday has gotten off to a great start, and that you’re ready to meet today’s Monologue Monday feature: MzNuBeginnings!

When I asked her if she would like to be featured for Monologue Monday, she was more than willing to share her story- she even went as far as to recommend a couple of other women who she thought would be willing to encourage others through their own experiences as well.

Before I share the monologue that she wrote though, I want to tell you a little bit about her. She is compassionate, caring, devoted, and loyal. She’s the kind of girl that you can sit down and talk to, knowing that what you say to her will never leave the room, and that you’ll always have her full attention.

MzNuBeginnings is humble but knows her worth, is intelligent (she holds two degrees) without being presumptuous or impudent when speaking to others, and is compassionate about serving others but knows how to put herself first as well.

Hopefully as you read her monologue you find yourself relating to her story in one way or another and it inspires you to think about what you want out of your own relationships.

So here it is, her story in her own words:

Monologue Monday: MzNuBeginnings
I've always had a very vivid imagination... I mean I can replay entire movies in my mind just like they are on tv before me. So when it came to sex, my mind was wide open to say the least. I have always been told that a woman should save herself for marriage, but my imagination had other plans.

My world changed my sophomore year in college and I instantly knew that my life would never be the same…

It was NOTHING like my imagination led me to believe. See what my imagination didn't tell me is that I would feel empty and that it would feel like someone had cut the light off in my soul.

I felt like everyone knew what I had done. My mother told me she could tell when I became active because I had changed, and that statement hurt me more than anything. I soon discovered that sex, when taken out of context, looses it beauty.

I felt myself changing into someone I never thought I would be. I had given away my most precious gift and in turn I forgot my value. I had to battle my way back to the woman that my parent's had raised me to be, and the most powerful part of it all is that God was with me the entire time. He delivered me from my issues that made me so vulnerable in the first place and reminded me of who I am: A WOMAN OF GOD and INTERGRITY!!

This journey of celibacy has not been easy, but I am determined now more than ever to live my life as an example for other young women. If I could talk to my younger self and little girls around the world, I would tell them just what my mother told me: "Save yourself for marriage because you want him to be worth your most precious gift."

- MzNuBeginnings

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  1. Wow..I really respect you Mznubeginings, for being so open and honest about your personal experiences and thoughts! Keep on doing what's right for you!


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