Hi peeps! Just had to highlight a really cool young woman who is out there living life to the fullest, and trying to encourage/inspire other people while she’s at it. The fact that she lives in one of my top 3 favorite places in the world- England (I lived in London for a year while I interned) makes her that much more awesome!

She is seriously one of my most favorite people on the net - she's just absolutely AMAZING.
I want to encourage you to check out her site when you get a chance. Below is her most recent video on Dealing with Negativity. Check it out, and hope it inspires you!

Have a good day J


  1. AHHHH!! I thought I was the only one who loved her channel....She is one of my inspirations :) I am not on YT but when I do go on she is one of the first person that crosses my mind to check out on what's new.....and I also love her fashion sense ;)

  2. Yeah, I really enjoy her channel too! Even though I don't have a youtube channel personally, I love going on there from time and checking out different people and she is def. one of them.


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