Getting to Know Me

First off, let me say that I absolutely adore all of my readers! You all are so sweet and so nice with the comments that you leave, the emails that you send, and the warmth that you show me on a daily basis. So thanks so much for being you- I have some of the coolest followers/readers on the net J!

Now back to the topic at hand. Many of you are curious about who I am (besides being the creator of this site). So I decided to tell you a few 20 things about me, but my identity will continue to be concealed until the time is right.

Without any more blabbering though, here are some tidbits about me:

Who Am I???

© I am a Christian- it literally provides me with a solid foundation and makes my life so much brighter and hopeful!

© I have two brothers, one older and one younger, and am the only girl. (I absolutely LOVE my family -my mom is a Proverbs 31 woman that I strive to be more like daily- we are all extremely close).

© I LOVE ESPN! I grew up with nothing but brothers and male cousins around the house, so it was always on; I just became used to it. Plus growing up I was a cheerleader, so I just really enjoy sports.

© I am very domestic (think Martha Stewart meets Paula Dean with half the butter and very little flowersJ).

© I really enjoy decorating and anything dealing with crafts- I’m very artsy.

© I am a writer and a dancer (not in the pop-lock- and drop-it kind of way, but in the ballet/inspirational/contemporary kind of way…I have been known to get low a few times though lolJ).

© I have formally studied and can speak to varying degrees three languages.

© I collect passport stamps…I LOVE to travel. I have visited over 15 countries in counting.

© I am a fashion enthusiast. (During college I interned for Stella McCartney. I’m not high maintenance though- give me a thrift store and some Target/H & M any day)!

© My greatest fear is dying without reaching my fullest potential…ok, that and maybe spiders and snakes.

© My greatest weakness is anything sweet. I can always make room for dessert (always).

© I like to watch the t.v. on mute sometimes(ok, its more the commercials than the actual shows- but that’s just how I do it J)!

© I hate when people take advantage of those that are less fortunate, or when they talk about people and put them down just to make themselves feel better. (I also usually root for the underdog in competitions).

© One day I want to be a philanthropist doing some form of humanitarian work. I love helping other people.

© I think too much sometimes.

© I LOVE to laugh.

© I love being alone and can be just as happy by myself as I am with other people.

© I love it when it’s pouring down rainingand all you can do is curl up with a good book or watch a great movie under lots of soft covers with the air conditioner blasting…good times.

© Getting to know myself has been a beautiful journey.

© I am intriguing and fairly mysterious(hence remaining anonymous)…many people know about me, but few actually know me personally. I love to keep things that I care about sacred and protected- which is ironic because a)I’m blogging on the WORLD wide web and b) because I’m voluntarily giving you a glimpse inside…I know it goes much deeper though….

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