This Has Got to Stop... Seriously

Why are we feeding our youth a diet of trash and insecurities and being shocked when they are producing low self esteem and extreme disrespect?

You reap what you sow; there should be no surprise in that.
If you sow watermelon seeds and at the end of your harvest you are expecting tomatoes, it’s not going to happen.
If you feed yourself chips, cookies, candy, soda, and all kinds of unhealthy foods on a daily basis, you can’t be too surprised when your doctor tells you that you might have high cholesterol or some other health risk.
Likewise, if we are supplying our youth with all types of degrading reality shows, music, and various other forms of “entertainment” and media, how can we act surprised when some of them suffer from low self-esteem, are sexually promiscuous at the age of 12, addicted to pain killers, are disrespectful, and feel self-entitled?
(And this is a disclaimer because obviously not all children are like this, but the reality is that a growing number of young adults and teens are).
Yes, individuals are responsible for their own actions, but at some point when does the rearing of a minor…the upbringing of a generation, become a reflection on the previous generation’s nurturing skills.
Everyone wants to stay young, to be a part of “the crowd”, and to feel alive again…why can’t you pull yourself together, realize that other people are watching and admiring your actions, and stop living selfishly for yourself.
Yeah, that might not be ‘your problem’ or ‘why should you care?’….well at the end of the day we’re all in this together. This is our world, our lives, our society.
Let’s stop feeding our future a fast food diet of rubbish and expecting them to generate positivity and confidence.

“Dare to be the change that you wish to see”

-Virgin Monologuez

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