You Are Worth More Than Priceless Jewels

Isn’t there something intriguing about denying yourself something that you really want? About working really hard to achieve something, and not to be just handed it without any effort or thought?
Why is it that we would be so willing to give away our most precious gift- ourselves- so freely, without realizing our worth and the value of our gift?
In this case I’m not just speaking physically, but mentally and emotionally as well.
I’m talking about who you are: your mind, your emotions, your heart, and your body… It’s all worth more than the rarest of jewels.
Why would we hand that off to someone who is only used to dealing with cubic zirconia? Once you hand yourself off to so many people, no longer are you rare and desirable; you are now common and replaceable.
This is a judgment free zone though. I know the trials and indulgences that we face. If allowed, I know that people can come from every angle to sway you to alter yourself to fit their ideas, or to request that you give a piece of yourself just because they want it….nope, my role is not to judge or to make you feel bad….we have all been there in one way or another.
I just hope to inspire you to rekindle that fire within you…that woman who knows her self-worth and value. Someone who isn’t afraid to be different and to go against the grain. A person who knows that her worth is not measured by what she wears or how much she possesses, but by WHO she is.
And speaking of possessions, one of my favorite things to do is to shop. I love picking out clothes to express my persona and individuality. While I enjoy shopping most anywhere (from the thrift store to Harrods) and not care what others think, I do enjoy quality.
Although I don’t shop for designer goods all the time though, I do shop there every once in a while. The clothes are too expensive for me to go there everyday, but it’s nice to treat myself from time to time. Which means that I am a saver.
If I want something, I save for a while until I have the money to buy it. Working hard for the things that I want make them so much more special when I attain them, and I treat them with much more gentleness because I know how hard I worked to get them.
Now, I don’t mean to lessen a relationship or a person’s worth by comparing her to a material possession, but I do wonder why can we value the importance of working hard for the possessions we want, but not for the relationships that we desire? Why should anybody just be able to walk up to you, give you a few simple phrases of flattery, and then take you home and sleep with you?
You are worth more than any designer goods that I or anyone else will ever possess. Nothing compares to you… nothing.
Don’t allow someone to play with your emotions, enter into your heart, and enjoy your body without putting in the work for it. He won’t realize the significance of your gift because he received it so easily.
When we stop treating our minds, hearts, and bodies like credit cards that others can enjoy the benefits of the possessions now and pay later, we won’t have to worry about if we will receive the payment in full or whether they will renege and leave us with a massive debt…or in this case a broken heart.

You are worth the wait….anybody who tells you otherwise is just looking for instant gratification. Know your worth…you are rarer than the most precious of jewels.

-Love yourself

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