Monologue Monday: Dress to Impress

So today’s Monologue Monday post concludes the end of the three week series that we were doing. You can find the other two: Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Lady and What I Wished My Mother Would Have Told Me: DatingChronicles here.

To wrap everything up we have some fashion tips from Ms. Kionica Tolbert. She has a crazy nice jewelry line that will leave you wanting more. I recently saw some of her pieces and I was in awe at her creativity and exceptional eye for detail. Seriously if you aren’t wearing a piece from her jewelry line then your wardrobe is missing that extra something and I’m not just saying that; I genuinely believe in her product and her style!

She’s still in the process of developing her website, but as soon as she gets it up and running I will make sure to come back and up date you with her information. In the meantime, check out this post she wrote to help you stay fabulous while you are learning to love yourself and waiting for that special someone.

-Stay amazing and enjoy life J
Dress to Impress

As many of us know, it’s a joy to shop and look our best. While we are waiting and dating however, we should always keep in mind our bodies and try not to give off the wrong impression. It’s highly important to dress to impress God. Yes, God!

Ultimately we want to please God with our daily walk. Our relationship with God comes before any other relationship that we could ever have, therefore it is the most important. Our relationship with God will last longer and take us further than any other relationship we will ever commit to.

As we wait and date (or just wait), we should consider how God sees us: a gorgeous woman, made in his image. G- Grateful O- Original R- Radical for Christ G-Gifted E- Elevated O- Obedient U- Unique S- Spiritual.

With that in mind, the way we present ourselves is a reflection of what we think about ourselves… it’s a reflection of our relationship with our creator.

Dressing to Impress starts from the inside out.

1) Take care of your INSIDE BEAUTY!
We must watch what we are putting into our bodies. What we place into our bodies will eventually show up through our skin, hair nails, eyes etc. We should make sure that we are taking our daily vitamins, getting exercise, and eating well enough to stay strong and keep our organs functioning. A well kept inside will reflect a well kept outside, which produces a great smile, good looking skin, shinning hair, etc.

Regular mani/pedi’s are good for the soul J. Rest and relaxation is a must- massages and hair appointments are all a part of pampering yourself. Facials are the ultimate way to feel like a queen. Keeping your skin looking as good as possible with great skin care products, will keep you glowing. Skin care on the outside goes hand in hand with maintaining your inside routine: taking our vitamins, exercise and eating well.

3) We must keep in mind What to WEAR!!!
Yes, finally we get to what to wear. Every part of our body was created by the creator himself. He made us gorgeous, he made us strong, and he made us perfectly perfect in his eyes. It’s never ok to expose the parts of your body, God intended only for your husband. As stated above God made us delicate and he wants to show us as a present to the man who deserves us. We are a gift waiting to be opened and cherished. J

Let’s be purposely fashionable, that way it won’t be a hassle to put something together when God presents you as a gift to your husband.

Some key clothing suggestions to have in your closet for dates or just to wear when hanging out with friends and family:

#1) Tan Pumps (goes great with any color outfit).

#2) Nice Blazers to add a touch of class to your look.

#3) A great pair of jeans.

#4) A fabulous pair of flats for those casual days or a cute wedge heel (if you like a little height but cant wear heels).

#5) Casual maxi dress… Can dress it up or down.

#6) Nice sheath dress in any color (it’s a great classy look for any woman).

#7) And a lady can never have too many accessories to choose from!

-Live Life Gorgeous!!! Happy Dressing…


  1. Love this. As women after God's own heart we should have a desire to please Him in all things, even our clothes. Your dedication to the inner soul of a woman is so uplifting. Keep loving you!

  2. Thanks:) Kionica did an awesome job putting this post together! Thanks for introducing us.


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