Virginity Is Harder Than Training For The Olympics???

Lolo Jones is an Olympic track and field star who, at the age of twenty nine, is still a virgin.
I’m sure you all have heard the story, but for those of you who haven’t, Lolo recently did an interview in which she proudly proclaimed that she’s still a virgin and  is saving herself for marriage. (Read about it here).
In such a sex-driven society, I think it’s very admirable and courageous of her to openly share her stance on the matter, in spite of the negative comments that have been spoken about her as a result of the interview. Some people seriously just need to get a life.
Why are people always so quick to judge and condemn others who are trying to uphold to their standards and live life the way they believe it should be lived?
Jones is a beautiful, intelligent, successful woman who is just waiting on the right person to share herself with, and that should be applauded not criticized!
In terms of waiting being harder than training for the Olympics, tell that to the work out I just did!...No, I’m just kidding. (The workout was intense, but NOTHING compares to having the endurance, mindset, and self-restraint of saying no…for real).
It’s like when you decide that waiting is what you want to do, men start coming from the woodworks trying to do whatever they can to sway your decision, or “help you understand” that it’s just not that big of a deal. WHATEVER! (If it wasn’t such a big deal you wouldn’t be trying so hard).
But back to Lolo, thanks for openly taking a stance and sharing your beliefs/opinions with the general public. It’s inspiring, encouraging, and courageous! Here’s to wishing that you meet your prince charming someday, and that he honors and cherishes you for the woman that you are… and good luck at the Olympics Miss Jones J!


  1. Great story. I honestly believe that people judge and condemn people who stand up for righteouness because it convicts them. The truth is light and when the light comes, it shines on the darkness that people are living in it. Someone once told me to "stop being so good because you're making me look bad", then she akwardly laughed to brush it off. I didn't even know what to say. I'm not going to stop standing for what I know is right, and I certainly won't stop standing for God.


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