He Thinks WHAT???

O.k., so I’m sorry for the previous pessimistic post. I just had to express my feelings, and sometimes that’s all you need to do to feel better. So I have released that, and it’s time to move on.

Just wanted to let you all know that tomorrow we will have a Q & A session from one of my good guy friends on the male’s perspective of sex and women.
An interesting fact is that we dated in the past, so we share a bit of history together. (Actually I asked four out of the five guys that I dated would they mind sharing their opinions and they all said yes, so things are about to heat up in here lol J- just kidding…)
But seriously, it should be interesting to see the different perspectives from four very different guys- really, they are as different as day and night, but I still respect them each for very different reasons. I’ll tell you more about them when I individually introduce them each to you though.
Anyway, can’t tell all my secrets at once (promise I’ll tell you more as we get to know each other)! So come back tomorrow with your blanket, a snack, and a good drink (virgin of courseJ ).

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