Do you think that sex and the act of practicing abstinence or being a virgin is tied to one’s spirituality and personal beliefs?

For me they definitely are, but I just want to know your opinion and encourage some friendly debates.

So please comment below, or email me if you like! Can’t wait to hear your thoughtsJ.


  1. I would say it is definitely linked to either spirituality or personal beliefs, or a combination of both.

    People who are not religious (such as myself), have only their own beliefs and morals to guide them. For us, pressure to have sex comes from all sides, from TV through to peer pressure, to the point when you might feel you have to "do it" just to fit in.

    Personally, I think we should all do whatever comes naturally to us, without worrying about outside factors influencing our decisions.

  2. Hey Paul!

    I agree with your comment about it being linked to either one’s personal beliefs or their spirituality.

    Thanks for responding to the question; have a good day :).


I really appreciate ya'll for taking the time to comment. Tell me your thoughts, and I'll try to respond back as soon as possible. Have a good day :)