Monologue Monday

Ok, so this will be the first monologue ever and I thought who better to share her story first than me- the author! Hopefully you won’t mind me being real with you, and if you do than you should probably stop reading now (because I am pretty sure that a lot of these posts could be considered too much information)!
Now back to the post- I tried to think about which experience I wanted to share with you first (and please remember that this blog isn’t just about me- it’s about you too, so submit those stories and get it featured!), but as I was trying to decide, I figured I would just start from where I currently am now- we can save the reminiscing for another time.
To be real with you, most of my friends have either one of two opinions about my choice to wait: They either think it’s admirable and refreshing, or they think I’m lame and that once I actually have sex I will see how dumb it was to wait.
To the latter I say- WHATEVER! I’m not telling them how to dress or how to act, so why should they care who I’m not sleeping with???
You would think that a person’s decision whether to have sex or not should be their choice, but for so many people there are other factors influencing their choices as well.
All that said, I do freak out sometimes when I think about my age (I will be 27 this year!) and think about the fact that I am creeping up on 30….
To that I say ‘Lord please don’t let me be a 40 year old virgin’! Lol!!!
Enough about me though, tell me- what are your thoughts on the matter? Do you think people should wait???
*P.S. I know that this was posted a couple of days before Monday, but I was really excited to start blogging and talking to you!

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