Monologue Monday: Why I Created This Site…A Rare Glimpse Inside

Usually I try to keep the things that I care about the most, protected and kept personal. Many of my friends who know me know that the things I value, I keep under wraps because they are of extreme importance to me and I don’t want to expose them by bringing them under public opinion or scrutiny. This can be anything from my dreams and aspirations, to my friendships and relationships.

So if I’m such a private person, why would I create this site and start working on so many projects supporting the premises behind Virgin Monologuez?
The simple answer is because my life isn’t just about me.
If the possibility of opening up about my past and journeying with you all through my present encourages someone else, then knowing that I have made a difference in even just one person’s life means more to me than keeping things that I care about private.
Up until this point in my life I have remained single for a number of reasons including but not limited to the guy not being right for me, me not being ready to be in a relationship, or wanting to focus more on pursuing my dreams and passions (which included traveling the world and being away from home a lot). So in an effort not to be selfish, I put the possibility of being in a relationship on hold.
At some point over the past year though, I realized that I’m ready. I have gone through some things, I have matured and learned how to persevere, I have excelled in the gifts and talents that I have been blessed with, and most importantly, I have learned how to love.
I have learned how to love myself (despite my flaws and shortcomings), I have learned how to love others (whether I agree with their ideas or enjoy their company or not), and I have continued to learn how to love and trust in God.
But my reasoning for creating this site isn’t just because I’m ready for everything that life is bringing my way. The more important reason, and the reason that drives and fuels me daily as it pertains to this site, is to let other girls know that they are not alone.
I want my story to be a testament about waiting and being rewarded. I want it to be a form of encouragement that demonstrates how when you wait on God, He will give you the desires of your heart.
The choice that I have made, to remain a virgin until marriage, has not been the easiest or the most popular decision. I have been ridiculed, people have wondered if something was wrong with me, and I myself have questioned how long must I wait, (even though I have never questioned my decision to wait; I know without a doubt that this has been the best decision of my life).
That said, I didn’t want to get into a relationship and then start telling others that “it’s going to work out for them” or “you will meet the right One, one day”.
No, I wanted to encourage you all and myself while I am going through the process. To remind you that you aren’t alone, but that the story doesn’t end here. And to demonstrate that you can have a happy and fulfilling life whether you are single or are in a relationship…. that other people don’t define you, they only enhance who you are.
It is my firm belief that most anyone can say positive things or give words of encouragement while everything is going their way or things are happening for them as they hoped they would, but how many people try to be positive and optimistic when they don’t know the outcome to their story or they are overwhelmed with more questions than answers?
I want to be one of those people. I want to celebrate and be happy when things are happening as I desire them to, and I also want to rejoice and be happy when I don’t know how it’s going to happen, I just know that it will.
In short, I created this site and continue to share with you all a piece of who I am because I wanted my journey (the ups and the times that I am going through…the tears and the joy), to bring someone else hope. My story isn’t just for me, but it’s to be a blessing unto others as well.
Success for me isn’t having the biggest house or the nicest car (although I do enjoy the finer things in life), but for me success is knowing that I helped someone else sleep easier at night or made a difference in someone else’s life.
 If at the end of this all, I am invited to even just one person’s wedding and she tells me that it’s because of this site or something that I said that helped her to remain focus and to keep waiting until it was her time, then I will have considered this part of my life successful.
Even though I don’t know my ending story, I still have hope and I will continue to remain focused; I just hope that I am encouraging you to do the same.
©Never stop believing©


  1. Love your blog. It's amazing how in the blogging world even if you never meet the person you can relate. Your blog is like that to me. Blogging is something I want to do in the near future and when the time is right I will. Keep up the good work.

  2. Thanks for the compliment, and whenever you do decide to create your blog please shoot me an email so that I can check it out and support you :)

  3. will do, still in the preparation stages...


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