Do YOU Love Yourself???

Every couple of weeks I check Virgin Monologuez’s statistical data to see what topics people are searching for when they come to this site. Recently, I noticed that one of the key terms that have been leading some of you here has been the topic of self-esteem. Thus, people are looking up in their search bar how to have confidence, how to build up their self-esteem, and how to be secure in their own skin.

This got me to thinking, and after praying and asking God to show me a way that we can stop tearing ourselves down and start celebrating ourselves, He gave me the idea of “Love Yourself”.
“Love Yourself” is going to be a time where we take our eyes off of other people and what they are doing, and we start celebrating who we are and the growth that is happening in us. I know that you are probably a fabulous person so I just want you to write a quick note telling me, (and reminding yourself), why!
So, for the entire month of February we are going to try to shift our mindsets and start thinking positively. Each day I will post one reason why I love myself, (I can be hard on myself sometimes too!), and I encourage you to do the same. You can either comment underneath my post or you can comment on the site’s Facebook page.
The purpose of this isn’t to be arrogant or conceited, but rather it’s to stop focusing on our flaws and to start celebrating who and where we are in our lives. I’m not going to be writing for you and you aren’t going to be commenting for anyone else but yourself, so please feel free to keep it anonymous if you so desire.
All you have to do is just comment each day telling yourself something that you love about you. Whether it’s a physical attribute, an emotional or mental quality, or something sociologically that you love about yourself, join me in celebrating these qualities and building up your self-esteem.
There are tons of people trying to tear you down….let’s start building ourselves back up!
So what do you think? Are you in???

-Virgin Monologuez

You Are Invited!
“Love Yourself”
When: 1 February- 28 February 2013
Why: To celebrate who you are, embracing and loving every aspect about yourself. Even with flaws and shortcomings you are still a great person.
What: Write about anything at all that you love about yourself. Don’t worry about what anyone else may think or what they have to say about it. This is why you love yourself. So whether it’s something physical, emotional, mental or spiritual, if you love it, say it out loud! Your opinion is the only opinion that matters.
Where: Write one comment each day either on this site or on our Facebook page telling yourself something that you love about yourself. It’s only 28 days so hopefully you can think of at least 28 reasons why you love yourself.
Who: Anyone (Can be anonymous…it’s for you not me)! *If you want to keep it anonymous just click on the comment section below and sign in as anonymous*


  1. Yay!!! Thanks @HelenaFortissima. Can't wait...please feel free to tell your friends. The more the merrier :)

  2. @Whit, Sweet! I'm so excited that people are wanting to participate.

  3. What a brilliant idea! I found you on the SITS forums, will be following your blog. I really want to participate in this, I love such positive ideas.

  4. Hi @Anna, thanks for following and I would be honored if you joined in on the fun! Also, I just checked out your site and I love ALL things fashion, so it was a must that I add myself as a follower :) Have a good day.


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