What Is Beauty?

Why do we hate on each other? What does another person’s success have to do with our own? Why do we dislike someone else because they are attractive, wealthy, have a family, or for whatever other reasons that seem to make sense in our heads?

We have no idea what they go home to at night or how their “ideal life” might not be that ideal at a deeper glance. But even if it is a good situation, and they really are blessed and walking in favor, why does that bother us?
Why are we secretly envious or disheartened that its not us? Why can’t we come together and love each other as a group of women? We are all beautiful in our own rights. We each have something unique and incredible to offer the world; we are all special and worthy.
In spite of this truth, we have allowed “society” to tell us that if we looked liked, acted liked, or were so and so, then we would be more successful or possibly have a better life. Who are other people to tear you down or make you feel less than you are worth?
Before you read any further, I sincerely want you to grasp how special you are because it’s going to change your life. When you take away the comparisons and don’t have to measure up to someone else’s standards, you are left with you and you are enough. You are AMAZING!
The moment that we allowed our standard of beauty to be defined by an unrealistic image of an airbrushed simulation of a woman, the moment that we set a bar for ourselves that was out of reach. We can’t celebrate our own beauty, because we have been told so many times what beauty should look like and we look different than that….Of course we look different than that.
We are individuals who form a collective group of people, and normality is only normal because a wider range of people share some of the same characteristics. Just because a group of people look alike, and you don’t fit into that image doesn’t make you abnormal or unattractive, it makes them general and typical.
You weren’t created to fit in though, you were created to stand out and to love yourself regardless of the physical attributes that you possess.
Don’t hate who you are, and you will find yourself beginning to love and support other people for who they are. When you love and respect yourself, you celebrate you for every aspect of who you are; your flaws and your assets.
You are beautiful.
Beauty is more than a size, body shape, or facial characteristic. Beauty is a distinctive attribute that attracts the world to you. It is your character. Your identity. Your confidence. Your attitude. Your personality.  Your intelligence. Your swagger. Beauty is you J.
What’s makes you beautiful? Your journey.
You are living life, you have experienced some things, you are ever evolving, but most importantly you are you.
Beauty is relative. No one can define that for you, but you.
Stop comparing yourself to the girl next door (whoever she is), and start celebrating you. You will never look like, act like, or be her so stop trying to do so. Be you and be you well.
Imitation is not flattering; it’s robbing you of your identity.
What does your life amount to if you have lived it trying to fill someone else’s shoes or emulate their identity? In the end, your life would not have been your own, but a weak attempt at someone else’s.
Let’s stop tearing each other down and decide today that no matter what the person beside us is doing: whether she just got a huge raise, just started her own business, is always getting complimented on her appearance, or whatever else, that we will put the strife and feeling of not measuring up aside, and love her.
Just because she is living her dreams, doesn’t mean that you can’t live yours. The two can coexist, but it starts with you taking your eyes off of her, and looking at and loving yourself.
We will no longer compare ourselves to one another, but we will love each other for our differences and our unique experiences. What a bland world it would be if everyone looked, acted, and dressed the same.
You are beautiful. You are an individual. Love yourself.

-Virgin Monologuez



  1. Hey!! I absolutely love this post!! Some of the things you say are so deep & eye opening!! I read your blog all the time but don't evwr really comment!! But I just want to say I love your posts and what you are doing with the blog as a whole!! Keep Going!! God Bless!! (P. S. I quote things you say on twitter often... I hope you don't mind!!) :)

  2. Hi @DLShawn,

    Thanks for taking the time to comment; I really appreciate it. And no, I don’t mind if re-quote things that I say at all! I’m honored that you find it significant enough to re-tweet, so thank you. Have a good day :)

  3. Thank you so much for reminding me that I must love myself and stop comparing myself to other people. I am fearfully and wonderfully made. God doesn't make mistakes. ^_^

  4. @Shar, yes! Celebrate yourself...you are an AMAZING person.


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