So Poetic...So TRUE

I really do have minimal words for this video. It says everything that I’m feeling at the moment in a poetic kind of way.

While I’ll just present the video and allow you to form your own opinions, I will say that I really am SICK of religion.
It breaks my heart when I see someone gossiping about someone else under the guise of ‘telling others so that they can help pray for the other person’.
Or when people state that they are a Christian as if it were a label and not a lifestyle. Just because you claim the title doesn’t mean that’s what you are; the fruit you produce tells what type of tree that you are.
And finally, why are we beating each other up, tearing each other down, and not supporting one another. What does one gain besides pride in watching their brethren fail? What happened to humility and love? What type of person does it make you if you take joy in seeing someone else’s shortcomings and faults?
Sorry if I’m preaching a bit, but I just don’t get it…it really tears me a part that as a people we would rather choose discourse instead of unity.
As does the video, I hate religion and here is why:

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  1. That was deep, really touched my spirit.


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