Monologue Monday: 28 Random Facts about Me

So in honor of my 28th birthday coming up soon, I thought I would share with you all 28 random facts about me:

1.       My favorite color is red.

2.       I ate a fried cricket once in Cambodia to try to “integrate”. While it tasted kind of like bacon, I don’t think I’ll EVER do that again!

3.       I love when it rains…like pouring rain. I’ll put on my pjs if I’m home, throw in a movie, and snuggle under a ton of blankets…good times J

4.       I love blasting the air conditioner while being under a ton of blankets…it doesn’t really make sense, but it’s just something about it that makes me feel all warm and cozy on the inside.

5.       I’m a homebody who prefers hanging out with friends and family…to parties.

6.       I’ve mentioned this before, but I’m such a fan that it deserves to be mentioned again: I LOVE football.

7.       I’m a Christian.  (My favorite book of the Bible is Esther; I love reading it over and over).

8.       Sometimes I fear that I’ll be the 40 year old virgin…in real life:/ That and snakes are not cool. (I’m kidding…kind of).

9.       I love getting dressed up- sometimes with no where to go…it just makes me feel better.

10.   My favorite genre of movies is action, followed by romantic comedies.

11.   I have a bucket list of things that I want to do before I die, with really random things on it like swim with sharks, visit at least 100 countries (I’m at 16 at the moment), and take a picture with an exotic animal up close and personal. (P.S. when I say swim with sharks, I want to clarify that I should be in a cage and under supervision, and because I have chosen to do it at that time…. Not because of a plane crash or something horrible and I was forced too! I would be terrified!...Just want to clear that up)!

12.   Most of the time you will find me really energetic and bubbly. I love to laugh and have a good time.

13.   I’ve never consumed alcohol. I’ve been up close to alcoholism and I don’t even want to chance it…I’d rather just not drink. That said, I still know how to have a good time.

14.   I failed my driving test 3 times!!! (It was only the written part, so that’s not as bad right?!?!)

15.   I love to cook, and my favorite things to make are desserts. (I make a ridiculously good cheesecake!)

16.   My godmother and I were born on the same day.

17.   I look up to and aspire to be more like the women in my life, particularly my grandma, aunts, godmother, and mom.

18.   It doesn’t take much to make me cry during a movie.

19.   Two of my favorite stores are walmart and target….seriously, you can find anything there!

20.   I’m a DIY (do it yourself) kind of girl, and I love creating things and decorating.

21.   I love taking naps in the middle of the day if I’m off and don’t have anything else to do. (Have to get that beauty sleep!)

22.   I had a pet hamster growing up. The thought of him now, that I have slept with a mouse and been surrounded by rats while volunteering in Cambodia, doesn’t make me smile as much. (P.S. I’m also afraid of rats and mice…like seriously afraid).

23.   I almost always root for the underdog. (Unless I have a dedication to the other team that surpasses my sentimental/emotional side).

24.   I love to eat!!! (I just make sure to balance it out by working out. (My favorite work outs are pilates, zumba, and yoga…without the chanting, just the exercising).

25.   I’m a serious saver, who occasionally gives herself an allowance to spend big without thinking about how much I’m spending. But once the allowance is up, I stop.

26.   I sometimes times say literally when I am speaking figuratively.

27.   I value privacy…A LOT… Which is why I would probably shy away from ever making a YouTube video or anything like that, but I admire those who do. That said, here are my top four YouTube gurus, hands down: wendyslookbook, particiabright (formely know as brittpopprincess), nicoleguerriero, and beautybyjj
28.   My top 5 favorite places in the world are: London, Venice, Seoul, America (all of it!), and any where that my family is living in at the moment.
What’s a random fact about you?!?!

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