Monologue Monday: Letters To My Younger Self #2

So last week I had every intention of writing a few posts….

That is until I got sick and felt like I was hit by a bus :/  (Sorry for sounding so dramatic because I honestly have no idea what getting hit by a bus feels like….and I pray I never do…. but the point is I really did feel horrible….sorry this whole paragraph is so awkward)

But back to the subject at hand… I received some feedback from some of you all saying that you liked this addition to the blog, so thanks for the responses/encouragement.

So here’s what I would tell myself today….

(And if you have no idea what this is all about, click here).

Letters To My Younger Self:

Things That I Wish I Knew About Waiting, Dating and Confidence


Dear Younger Self:

Here is some practical advice that if you learn it while you are still young, I think it will help you through almost anything that you are going to face in the future.

Here it goes:

In life, you can be a victim or a survivor.

There are going to be SOME people who you come across along your path who aren’t going to treat you nicely, they aren’t going to have your best interest at heart, and they may cause you some pain and heartache.

It may not even be people but situations that you may have to face as you grow and face certain challenges.

When I say this, I’m not trying to take away from anything that you will go through, but at some point you have to choose not to allow your experiences or the treatment of others to define you.

Notice how I bolded the “SOME” people part??? Try not to generalize everybody. Not all people are the same.

When things happen to you and you begin to feel sad, upset, or any other range of emotions that you may feel, acknowledge that you have been through some things, but don’t allow yourself to stay there!

There is too much greatness and potential on the inside of you for you to use your energy continuing to relive the past or be upset about something that you can’t change.

Let go and move forward.

If you keep looking back, you are going to slow down your progress of moving forward.

Refuse to stay a victim…no matter what you go through, always remind yourself that you are a survivor and as long as you keep moving forward, you will see success…and healing…. in the process.

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