Make Every Moment Count

Ever have one of those days weeks where everything was just so fast paced and it all seemed as though it required your immediate attention, that you couldn’t tell is you were going or coming?
This past week was like that for me.
By the end of the week I was so exhausted and overextended that I all wanted was a little r & r and some me time…but instead I found myself at a wedding.
This is not to complain though. I love putting passion, drive, and determination behind the things that I do…It just demonstrates that I need to do a better job at prioritizing what is really important and what I can set aside to do at a later date.
I have to constantly remind myself to take a step back and enjoy the moment. Otherwise, I will have gone through life having gone through the motions without actually living in the moment and that’s not acceptable to me…at all.

So here’s to taking the time to enjoy the simple things (like laughing, enjoying good company, and even talking with you all J)…. Everything else will happen as and when it should; right now, I just want to enjoy what’s actually happening.
What about you? What do you do to not loose focus in ‘ALL the things that you HAVE to do today’?

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