I’m Taking a Break….Back In America :)

I recently just got back home (to America), and I am beyond excited!!!!
For the past couple of years I have been working in southeast Asia, and although I am grateful for the opportunity and have memories that will last a lifetime, I am so happy to be back home and to see all of my family and friends again!
And now that I’m back at home, I think that I am going to take a three-four month sabbatical type break (from now until either late November or early December) from blogging.
I have a ton of people to meet and catch up with, some side projects that I want to take some time to focus on, family that I can’t wait to visit, and foods that I can’t wait to snack on (because they weren’t available where I was)!
I don’t want to completely end this site because I value its purpose, and because I think each one of you is amazing and I enjoy our interactions with each other. But for now I’m just pausing and trying to completely enjoy myself and devote my time to my family and friends (and business ventures), that I have been away from for the past couple of years.
I’ll be back later in the next few months, and hopefully during that time you won’t forget about me/ unsubscribe from the site, but if so, I completely understand. (I just want to fill you in instead of just disappearing with no explanation).
I can’t wait to tell you all about my work in Asia, my new ventures, get back to writing quality content, and just communicating back and forth with you all, but at the moment my top priorities are going to be my family and friends…whom I have missed like crazy! (Please feel free to email me during this time if you need/want to catch up…I’ll still be checking my emails).
Thanks for sticking around, and hopefully you’ll continue to support me once I return. (And I will definitely be returning!!!!).
Until then, take care  J

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  1. That's so cool that you had the chance to live in Southeast Asia. I am from the US and I want to live in the UK so bad! I cannot wait to hear about your ventures in Southeast Asia!


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